10 Signs Your Business Has Been Hacked

Every day, thousands of businesses are breached and hacked. Many of them don’t even realize it until time has passed or they’ve been locked out of their systems. While antivirus software can eventually catch some problems, if you don’t partner with a professional technology company like Computer Services Unlimited, Inc. you might not notice the signs you’ve been hacked until it’s too late.

1. You receive a ransomware message telling you that your computer has been compromised and you must pay a certain sum to regain access to your files or applications.

2. You suddenly notice unwanted browser toolbars or extensions.

3. When you search something on Google or another search engine, your search is immediately redirected to another website.

4. You experience numerous, random popups when using your computer from different web browsers or applications.

5. Your passwords are not working to log into software or websites.

6. Your friends or colleagues are receiving invitations or comments on social media websites or emails that appear to be from you but were not actually sent by you.

7. Your mouse moves by itself between programs or windows and makes selections.

8. You notice software installed on your computer that you did not install.

9. Your credentials were included in a password dump or leak online on a third-party website.

10. There are strange patterns detected on your network.

How to Fight Back

What should you do when you think that your system, network or information has been compromised? You should always call Computer Services Unlimited, Inc. first to consult with one of our experienced technicians on how to best secure your information. You should turn off any infected computers immediately to prevent more being compromised. If your credit card information has been leaked, you should call the bank immediately to cancel the card and check for any unauthorized charges.

Trust the Right Partner for Your IT Services

 At Computer Services Unlimited Inc., we work with hundreds of businesses to keep their systems in great condition and working properly. We know that you can’t afford to have downtime, so our managed IT services are designed to be comprehensive and preventative. You can trust that your computers and other mission-critical pieces of technology will always be secure, backed up and in working order so that you can be as productive as possible. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to call us for your IT solution! Contact online or to schedule a free, no obligation IT assessment, please contact Kevin Spargo at (410) 484-7380 ext. 108 or email him at [email protected].


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