The Importance of Diversity in the Tech World

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are two amazing ways to strengthen the workforce and encourage top talent to reach new heights. As more women enter the tech world, new leaders are emerging. We are fortunate to have one of these professionals working with us!

Meet Luna

At Computer Services Unlimited, Inc., we celebrate the diversity present within our own company. One of the many women working in tech represented at CSU is Luna. Luna has a strong background in research, holding two bachelor’s degrees: the first in Library Science, and the second in Digital Forensics. She has won numerous awards, competitions and held several leadership positions from the Pennsylvania Center for Digital Forensics Manager at Bloomsburg to Lead Knowledge Expert at a large technology retailer. Luna specializes in data recovery, mobile devices, and troubleshooting computer hardware, software, and network issues.

Luna’s Story

While Luna’s skills have led her to win numerous competitions and become an expert in digital forensics, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been hurdles in her path. “I fast-tracked my second Bachelor’s degree in Digital Forensics, because I could finish the program in two years. Within two years, I went from an entry class of 60 females, to a graduating class of 5.

There is a push for women in tech, showcased with conferences like the Grace Hopper Celebration, held annually in Orlando, Florida. This is the largest gathering, 25,000+, for female technologists to be recognized.

I believe there is a misconception that women are more emotion-driven and therefore, less logical than men. The field of technology requires strong analytical thinking skills, and strong mathematical and scientific backgrounds. I found myself rising to the top of leadership opportunities such as president of my Forensics club, and a member of the National Science Foundation’s Research Education for Undergraduate students; a title held by less than 10 people nationwide each year.

And yet, there were some drawbacks as well. I would stand in front of customers at previous jobs watching my male coworkers echo simple explanations to customers who did not trust my knowledge due to my gender, even if I had more experience.

I have been affected by wage discrepancies in the past, working the same positions as male counterparts with the same or better qualifications, and seeing my pay be several dollars less.

It can be hard being a woman in tech. I feel as though more is expected of us, we need to somehow stand apart. It may be industry-driven because women know we are more likely to be overlooked for a position. Or it may be self-motivated, by feeling like we might not really belong, when we may be the subject of more harassment, or seen as less intelligent due to stereotyping. It can also be really isolating being only one of a few females in a company.

On the upside, I am in a position now where I am treated as an equal. And though it may be a unique experience, I hope that there is a push for more companies to be inclusive toward women in tech. I don’t want anyone to give up on their dreams despite the adversity they may face.”

A Bright Future – Making Space for Women in Tech

Today, only 26% of computing jobs are held by women, and the turnover rate for women is more than two times higher than the turnover rate for men. Unfortunately, there are still obstacles to overcome. In one study of Github users, code written by women was accepted 78.6% of the time, compared to 72% for men. However, that changed when the gender was included in the submission. A silver lining can be seen here—when we include more women in tech, we can all thrive together. How many highly skilled programmers or digital forensics professionals never pursued a career in tech? Encouraging women to enter the tech world is critical. How can we all work to improve diversity?

· Make a point of amplifying the work of women in tech and reading their literature and publications.

· Do business with companies that support diversity in tech to recognize their efforts.

· Encourage younger generations of women to pursue things like coding, tech and STEM. One study found that girls who take AP Computer Science in high school are 10 times more likely to choose the field as a major.

We are proud to support women in tech.

Trust the Right Partner

At Computer Services Unlimited, Inc., we help businesses of all sizes manage and maximize their technology investment. Don’t wait until little issues become big problems. Our experienced team can help you develop cost-effective, actionable, and effective infrastructure improvements to make sure your company stays ahead of the competition! Contact Kevin Spargo at (410) 484-7380 ext. 108, or email [email protected] for a free assessment.

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